97 Marvelous Memorial Day Resources – God Bless the USA

If there's one thing MamaBear adores, it's the good 'ole USA.

You simply cannot get a better country in which to live!

And a good portion of our greatness comes from those individuals who were and are willing to put their lives on the line for folks like us to live in our democracy.

Today is Memorial Day…and it's a day to honor those who sacrificed so much.

First, let's start with the following.  I received it from a dear friend whose son is in the military.

Memorial Day Thoughts


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Next, as the Mama Bear loves parenting, let's check out:

Military Mom and Dad Parent Blogs and Resources

and then

Next, consider:

Kids Supporting Soldiers

And no Memorial Day post would be complete without:

Memorial Day Lesson Plans

Did you also know about:

Memorial Day Resources

Then  jump to:

Military Blogs

From there, move to:

War Memorials and Genealogy

Hey!  Don't miss:

Memorial Day Celebrations

Continue then on to:

Soldier Networking


Next, visit:

Supporting Soldiers – General


Did you know about:

Women in the Military

And finally, never forget:

Veteran's Associations



In closing, I'd like to share:

Great Memorial Day Video Tributes

And I do just have to add:


This day is *not* just about barbeques and opening the pool!

Take the time to remember our Military…and thank them for their sacrifices.  It's because of them…that we can live as we do.

Parent well,

Mama Bear

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