“Help! How Do I Treat Poison Ivy?”

From the mailbag:

"Dear Mama Bear,

I've just discovered there's a whole batch of poison ivy in the park where I take my kids.

Now, they know not to pet the nice shiny leaves, but if the worst case happens….what's the best way to treat it?


Tad in Rhode Island"

Dear TiRI,


Poison Ivy.

My gosh, MamaBear breaks out just thinking about it!!

You're wise to consider how to deal with it *before* your kids encounter that Vine of Death.

I've found

to be remarkably effective; it's expensive, mind you, but if you can slap it on within half an hour of contact, it really does help eradicate the poison ivy effects.

Additionally, here are some other resources:

and don't forget about:

In closing,

First aid for poison ivy…it's a very Good Thing indeed!

So make sure to have all the tools you'll need….before it's required.

Thus speaks…MamaBear

ps – you can get discounted Zanfel like so:


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