Meet The Lazy Parent’s New Best Friend – Plushies of Power!

Do your children have a favorite plushie?

Do they carry them about wherever they go?

Is it really driving you bananas?

If so, did you realize…you're missing the boat on one rather important aspect?

You can turn your kids' plushies into some pretty powerful guardian angels!

Here's how.

You see, it all started 2+ years ago when HS1 was tending towards the Dark Side (kinda sorta like a free-fall tank tends towards the ground)

How I solved that issue…that's the story for another epic novel!  But the end result was this – I helped HS1 identify his favorite animal…and that evening, I bought him a plushie of one off of eBay.  And when it came, I told him,

"HS1, this plushie represents to you your guardian angel.  So whenever you feel like you're moving towards the Dark Side, you can hold him to your heart and cuddle him and think about it, while you're getting Mom.

I promise you, your guardian angel *will* speak to you from your heart."

That was, what, 2+ years ago?

And HS1 (plus HS2) still carries his guardian angels with him to this day (case in point – during his birthday a few weeks ago, all of the guardian angel plushies were by his side).


It's easy enough to tell your children how to behave, and easy enough to give rules and regulations.

But when your kids feel like the world is coming down upon them, having a guardian angel plushie gives them something to hug while they regroup and face the challenges in front of them.

So….if your child needs extra comfort for when times get tough, get them a guardian angel.

It should really help them focus and get a grip.

And you know…kids aren't the only one to adore plushies too.

Meet Thor.

not to mention…

Mama and Papa Bear

Mama Papa Bear

They're the ones who stand by me…when the going gets rough.

They rock!  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking of plushies, have you seen:

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