REAL Girls Swing Samurai Swords

>Yawn<…..what a tremendous Father's Day yesterday!

'course, MamaBear did have one exciting adventure with HD1 prior to the gala event.

And that was….

Japanese Sword Sunrise Beach Training!

Indeed, HD1 has been learning swords now at our dojo for the past 2 years.  And during the summer, ideally…we always have at least one sunrise beach training.

For example, last year had her:



We also had:

But yesterday was different!

Because yesterday…I participated too!

Okay, true.  My participation consisted mainly of standing in the surf holding what could have been a stance if stances were supposed to be at a 45 degree angle (due to my physical issues, I no longer really do Martial Arts anymore), but still.

It was glorious!

First HD1…

And now us together!

Is that a great shot or what?

You see, in a nutshell…

Back when I was rabidly involved with Martial Arts, my fellow students respected my desire as a 43 year old handicapable woman to simply *learn* and would pummel me quite unmercifully as I had requested. 

I'm so grateful for that…and have loved hanging out with them ever since.

'Course, our family is kinda sorta known for insanity – witness HS1 and HS2 18 months ago during snow training.

I guess it simply runs in the family.  🙂

Our clan has been zealously practicing Martial Arts now since right after the Virginia Tech Massacre, about 4 years ago or so.  At that time, I realized that while I had taught my kids all about academics and maturity and what have you…common-sense street smarts was a topic I had failed completely to address! 

Thus began my search for a local dojo, and, well….the rest is history.  🙂

Never ones to be apathetic, HD1, HD2, HS1 and I earned our black belts last May, and HS2 will most likely test in a year or so. And while doing this glorious activity, HD1 zeroed in on swords, HD2 focused on Aikido, and the boys…well, we'll see to where they go (perhaps lion-wrestling?).

So if your kids are looking for a fantastic activity more exciting than….texting in chatspeak a baboon couldn't comprehend…. that provides them not only with self-defense techniques but more importantly, inner calmness, peace and maturity….definitely look into the Martial Arts.

  • And spiffy swords!
  • And then….find a beach.
  • And let history….be made.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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