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As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a well-seasoned entrepreneur/life coach since 1997!

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Announcing The Hero Within You


Over the past decade, I've written tons and tons about personal growth and goodies like that. I've also made no secret about my patheticness as a child…and how I utterly reinvented myself in my adulthood. Last month, I started a site that honored the concept of one's inner hero.   Brilliantly named: The Hero Within You […]


3 SUREFIRE Ways To Brilliantly Sabotage Your Business for 2012


Ever wish your online business would sink faster than 16 metric tons of nuclear cactus needles? 'course you have!  Because when your business fails, you can then sit in the corner, sulk, and feel totally miserable by yourself! Self-pity – it's 'way easier to endure than fortitude! With that as an introduction, if you feel […]


Best Selling Laptop School Backpack Affiliate Marketing Sales


It's soon going to be….back to school! Ever wish you knew what the bestselling laptop backpacks are…and how you could make money from it as well? Wish no longer! There are today…and be sure to scroll down to the end to see how I created this page in  less than 30 seconds, complete with my […]


Ling Marketing Rule #112 – Managing Expectations….


It's an artform!  Grow strong, Barbara Ling ps – speaking about management,



Imagine the conversation!

Parent powerfully,


ps – speaking about business, have you seen:

Smashing Entrepreneurial Posts – 8/22/11

As well as being Mama Bear, I'm also a well-seasoned online entrepreneur veteran of 14+ years!

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How to BOLDLY customize “Error Establishing a Database Connection” warning message

If you run WordPress for your site, chances are that every now and then, the following delightful message shows up. "Error Establishing a Database Connection!" Gosh, I hate that, don't you? Well, given that not everyone knows you can reload a page and possibly grab that connection back, *my* site says: Neat, eh?…

Gift Basket Affiliate Marketing

Ever wonder what the most wished for gift baskets are these days? And more importantly, ever wonder how you can make money from this? Enjoy the data below…and then scroll down to see how you can add this (and more!) to your own site (notice they all have my own Amazon Affiliate ID…


Promise Yourself Today – Sexiness

Sometimes, our products are about as sexy to our customers as dried toenail fungus slathered on burnt toast. The thing is, though, we still want them to *buy*! Today, promise yourself that you'll take a long hard look at the benefits of what you're selling…

Ling Sad Law of Marketing #88 – Nothing is ever TOO obvious…

Sad but true, eh?..

Grade requirements of politicians



2011 08 22MPP019 GovTX Grade requirements of politicians

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— MamaBear

Entrepreneurial Posts of 8/16/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a seasoned entrepreneur of 14+ years…

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HDTV Most Wished For Affiliate Marketing


Ever wonder what's the most wished-for HDTVs these days? See what says about HDTVs…and then scroll down to see how I was able to add my affiliate link to all of this goodness!   #1: Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-V32XBR2 32-Inch LCD HDTV Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:04 AM Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-V32XBR2 32-Inch LCD […]

Google Plus Tutorials…finding the best for 2012!


Are you on Google Plus? If not, you certainly should consider Google Plus for 2012 at the very least! After all, there's a good chance it could evolve into a Facebook killer…and of course, should that come to pass, you'll want to have all the skills/knowledge at your fingertips! Thus, enjoy these nifty Google Plus […]

SEO. Any questions?

Lost and Confused SignpostGot SEO questions? Actually, SEO isn't difficult at all – witness where my site is for high seo It just takes giving yourself permission to learn what's required. Grow strong, Barbara Ling

Tell yourself today – Proactiveness rules!


Sometimes our friends are waiting for us to reach out. Other times, our business requires us to be bold and make a dramatic, challenging leap! In either case, nothing will be done *unless* you proactively make the effort to cause change. Thus, tell yourself today that if you see a friend in need, you *will* […]

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about business, have you seen:

“My kid wants to make sites online, where do I go?”

From the mailbag:

"Dear MamaBear,

My 8 year old asked me yesterday how she can make her own site online.

Where should I send her?


Bob in Montana"

Dear BiM,

Oh, MamaBear just shivers in delight whenever she gets questions like this!

Teaching your kid how to build sites online will be so useful for their future, because let's face it…

That's how communications these days are moving.

Think about it…

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…..

Being able to join them all into one big wondrous launchpad is a Very Wise Things Indeed.

But I encourage you to look further than simply building a site online!

Remember, your child might be a kid today, but sometime in the 'way distant future, he or she will be applying to college and jobs!

Don't you think it would look 'way more impressive if they had their own portfolio/resume on their own name domain name site?

MamaBear bought 4 domain names for all of her cubs, plus…the standard birthday gift she gives to friends is their personal domain name online as well.

('course, the fact that only her cubs have taken advantage of this, and *not* the 20-30 year olds who utterly need it….that's a story for a whole 'nother post!  Luckily, the only people whom I take ownership is my family, so I simply shake my head in dismay.  🙂   )

It's easy to buy a domain name; GoDaddy has them for less than $12/year!  True, hosting them is another thing entirely, but I firmly believe the following.

Smart parents reserve their kids' name as a future domain.


Let me now step down from me soapbox and answer your question.  I appreciate you reading this far!  🙂

When MamaBear started her kids on learning about the Internet, she let them build free sites over at:

These 3 sites let your child teach themselves about the ins and outs of site building.

Need some tutorials?

Check out:

And if your kid needs some tutorials, check out:

Hope the above resources help!

Remember, the fact your kid has shown an interest in making her make on the Internet – that's really really more cool than meeting Macgyver at your local food market!  Congratulate her bigtime…she deserves it.

Thus speaks…MamaBear