Today’s Ingenious Entrepreneuring Posts! 08/29/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a well-seasoned entrepreneur/life coach since 1997!

Enjoy my business and personal growth posts here.

Announcing The Hero Within You


Over the past decade, I've written tons and tons about personal growth and goodies like that. I've also made no secret about my patheticness as a child…and how I utterly reinvented myself in my adulthood. Last month, I started a site that honored the concept of one's inner hero.   Brilliantly named: The Hero Within You […]


3 SUREFIRE Ways To Brilliantly Sabotage Your Business for 2012


Ever wish your online business would sink faster than 16 metric tons of nuclear cactus needles? 'course you have!  Because when your business fails, you can then sit in the corner, sulk, and feel totally miserable by yourself! Self-pity – it's 'way easier to endure than fortitude! With that as an introduction, if you feel […]


Best Selling Laptop School Backpack Affiliate Marketing Sales


It's soon going to be….back to school! Ever wish you knew what the bestselling laptop backpacks are…and how you could make money from it as well? Wish no longer! There are today…and be sure to scroll down to the end to see how I created this page in  less than 30 seconds, complete with my […]


Ling Marketing Rule #112 – Managing Expectations….


It's an artform!  Grow strong, Barbara Ling ps – speaking about management,



Imagine the conversation!

Parent powerfully,


ps – speaking about business, have you seen:

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