Not Your Mother’s Math!

Give your kids something to do.  Ask them to explain the below.  🙂 Parent powerfully, — MamaBear

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“My kid needs algebra math help!”

From the mailbag: "Dear Mama Bear, My 14 year old did pretty poorly in Algebra.  What can I give him to help him learn?" Sincerely, Mark from Brookyn Dear MiB, oOo, if there's anything that makes MamaBear's heart sing with joy and glee, it's Math! Coffee too, mind you, but Math is just plain glorious! […]

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Ed Helper Rocks

Have you ever wanted to give your kid some excellent academic enrichments? If so, one of the best, all around resources is EdHelper During Camp Ling, I have been known to print out daily challenges in all aspects of academics, including Math, Latin, story-writing and much much more. It's been now $19.97/year since, wow, gee….2002 […]

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Math Stories Rock or Making Your Child Love Math

Y'know, one of the very best skills any child can possess these days is math. And MamaBear ain't just talking 'bout memorizing rote mathematics!  Heck, that's sheer memory power and, while very good to internalize, doesn't begin to touch upon the *real* benefit to mathematics. And that is… Turning real-life stories into useful math. What […]

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