“My kid needs algebra math help!”

From the mailbag:

"Dear Mama Bear,

My 14 year old did pretty poorly in Algebra.  What can I give him to help him learn?"


Mark from Brookyn

Dear MiB,

oOo, if there's anything that makes MamaBear's heart sing with joy and glee, it's Math!

Coffee too, mind you, but Math is just plain glorious!

Got a couple hours?  I could regale you with lots of ideas!

But I'll give you some simple ones first.

First, go to the Free Algebra Tutor Ms. Lindquist!  I used that a lot when introducing HD1 to Algebra.  It's quite barebones but very useful indeed!

Next, get thee hence to:

That should definitely help.

But does your kid even wonder why he has to learn algebra?

If so, point him to:

Remember though…

Giving resources, of course, isn't enough.

You have to follow up with him and make sure he's doing the work required!

And that means…

You need to go over the resources yourself and craft an algebra math learning/study program for your kid.

Sure, it might take some time and effort, but let me tell you…it's *definitely* worthwhile!

And if you'd like some video help…

And of course…


Thus speaks…MamaBear

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