Taming the Excruciatingly Painful Ghosts Of Your Past

You wanna know what one of the most challenging aspects of growing up is? Not just for your children…but you yourself as well? It's simple to name but oooooooooh so difficult to embrace. And that, of course, are the: Excruciatingly painful ghosts of your past. And MamaBear ain't just talkin' 'bout the paranormal or the […]

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Easy Tip To Ensure Your Child Always Remembers How Much You Believe In Them

Wow. Today MamaBear got blindsided by Honorable Boy #2's continuing lack of self-confidence…and turned on a dime to deal with it. Here's how. It all started when Honorable Boy #2 casually left his plastic strings scattered about on the kitchen floor. Now, it's true that MamaBear was *not* born with the neatness gene (compared to […]

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