Today’s Entrepreneurial Posts – 08/10/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a veteran marketer of 14 years.

I invite you to enjoy today's marketing posts!


School Supply Affiliate Marketing – Catch the September Wave!


Shhhhhhhh, be very quiet now because I'm about to whisper a deep, dark, glorious secret! School starts next month! And if you're a mommy blogger or a daddy blogger or focus on academics or school sports or the PTA or preschool or college or higher learning or trade schools or (alrighty, methinks you get the […]


Why you NEED your own dynamic business domain for 2012


Are you marketing online? If so, are you using a free site or blog like or etc.? Let me tell you now, you are *truly* shortchanging yourself if this is the case. Think about it. Just about all of the successful sites online – they're *not*, but a bonafide real domain name. […]


Marketing and income promises too good to be true?


Think it's too good to be true? You're probably right. Grow strong, Barbara Ling


Sometimes not only do our business responsibilities come crashing down on us, but also our kids and our friends and our weight loss failures etc. join in on the fun!

It's hell.

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