Tell Your Child Today…Horribly Stressful Anger

Sometimes, our kids choose to get angry.

But because they're, well, kids, they don't realize that they're *choosing* to get this way.

Heck, they probably think their friends *made* them angry, or you as their parent *caused* them to get mad or what have you.

And that's totally understandable.


They need to internalize that they own their emotions, and that while they cannot control how others act…they *can* choose how they *react*.

Thus, today, tell your kids that it's okay to feel anger, but to take ownership of the fact…they're choosing to feel that way.

And they can then choose to let it go.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – that picture is of HS1 and HS2 after they collided face first with each other at class; notice the red mark on both their foreheads.  I'm happy to report that HS2 was able to see the humor of it after HS1 explained it to him….  🙂

pps – speaking about anger, have you seen:

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