Tell Your Child Today – Fan Fic!

Sometimes our kids *really* get into online games like Starcraft, Team Fortress 2, and the like.

And other times, that's all that their lives consist of.

But were you aware of the entire universe of fanfiction that's available regarding it?

Fan fiction requires (get this!) *reading*. 

And because it's about their interests….chances are, they'll be quite willing to at least take a gander at it.

But you now something?

  • Some of that fanfic can make your kids *cry*.
  • And some of that fanfic can make your kids *think*.

In other words, it provides your children with points of view….they might never have considered before.

Thus, today, tell your child to explore the quality fanfic that's online regarding their games.

Then ask them to share the most soul-searing of them with you….and read it for yourself.

HD1 did that for me yesterday, and I'm still reeling.  A totally awesome experience….it was.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking of fan fiction, have you seen:

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