Week 2, Day 2, Camp Ling – Squaring numbers, hacking sites

One of the things MamaBear loves about the summer is that it moves sooo quickly.

Then again, one of the things MamaBear *hates* about the summer is that playdates kinda sorta (rather expected though, I might add) really screw up Camp Ling!  🙂

Still, though, it's all good. Yesterday HD2 and I became one with the iron, gymwise.  I confess, I *adore* lifting weights and strength training with her – we get goofy beyond all mortal sanity as you can see below.

Goofy weight lifting!

Later in the day, HD1 completed her Algebra and started on her website research project. 

She needed a catchy title, you see, and came up with:

Said with love, of course.  :)

It warmed the cockles of me heart, I tell you that!  🙂

Later in the day, my schedule fell to hell and high water, well, actually, Spraygrounded water:

Admit it, I'm what you've been waiting to see!

That runway model you see there is HS1, minus his Companion Cube (that I was keeping dry, of course).

Because of that extremely fun playdate, neither HS1 nor HS2 got time for their academics.  🙁  As you could imagine, they were heartbroken but rallied beautifully.  🙂

The rest of the day was spent doing administrative thingees, taking the kids to Pizza Hut, ensuring they all did 20 pushups and 20 assisted pullups every 2 hours or so and the like.


Today is Tuesday, so I *do* let the kids sleep until 7:30am (benevolent indeed I am!).  Lessee the schedule:

HS1 and HS2 –

  • 9:15am – 12:30pm – Town rec camp
  • 1pm – Math until its done.
  • 2pm – Computer/play time
  • 3pm – Creative writing time
  • 4pm – Science!

HD1 –

  • 9am – Exercise the mooses
  • 10am – Math
  • 11am – Computer/playtime
  • 1pm – 2 computer projects
  • 3pm – Playtime
  • 4pm – Well, she can write like a poet….so I don't think I have to spell out creative writing times.

HD2 –

Let the day begin!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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