Get Your Kids Their Domain Name Online…NOW!

Brief, pithy and to the point post today! Tell me. Do you have children? Well, okay, that's probably like asking…. Tell me. Do you breathe every now and then? Yep.  What MamaBear said. But I digress.  🙂 If so…. Tell me. Have you secured your children's online domain name yet? If not, might I kindly […]

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How to Get Lazy Fat Overweight Kids To Exercise

Yesterday, MamaBear wrote the rather controversial post RANT – Disgustingly obese kids and their parents Part 1… and wow oh wow, her inbox was majorily unhappy indeed! Allow me too clarify my position, might I? I still do think that parents who let their children get big and fat and obese are doing a *huge* […]

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Painfully True Kid-Raising Fact

Click above to see the entire comic!

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