How to Get Lazy Fat Overweight Kids To Exercise

Yesterday, MamaBear wrote the rather controversial post RANT – Disgustingly obese kids and their parents Part 1and wow oh wow, her inbox was majorily unhappy indeed!

Allow me too clarify my position, might I?

I still do think that parents who let their children get big and fat and obese are doing a *huge* disservice to their kids.

*You* want to be a retired jumbo jet, be my guest. 

  • Eat a bazillion calories a day!
  • Consider the typing you do to be incredible bouts of energy!

You're an adult…it's your life.

But kids…they depend upon their parents for guidance!

Period, end of statement.

So it's really up to *you* if you want your kids to embrace a healthy state of life.

And that, of course, brings me to the next rather critical point….

How on earth can you deflate your thunderingly obese kids?

Having once been gargantuan myself, I really can relate to how difficult it is to motivate others to exercise, especially if their energy level is slightly less than potting soil.

But that doesn't mean you cannot get them started!!

One of the best ways to compel your kids to exercise is to introduce them to Dance Dance Revolution, otherwise known as DDR.

Fat or not, most kids love music!  And while they might not be able to even finish the first song at beginners level, the fact is….even making one single teeny tiny step in the right direction can begin the journey to health.

There's lots of great sites for beginners DDR, including:


Heck, I even wrote a Squidoo page about it:

Fantastic family exercise – DDR plus Parents plus Kids = FUN!

that includes such topics like:

  • Make fun exercise a family event!
  • In the beginning, there was…… "Mom, I'm Borrrreeeeeeddddd!"
  • If a KID can do this….
  • So I started to research Dance Dance Revolution and guess what I found!

"…A huge challenge facing moms and dads today is to ensure their kids get their daily dose of fun exercise that goes (get this!) BEYOND using a mouse and keyboard!

I was faced with this, ahem, opportunity for extreme frustration 2 years ago but managed to solve it most brilliantly indeed (if I do say so meself!). And that's what I'm going to share with you in this lens. So without any further ado, let me introduce you to…MORE…."

Honestly, I swear by DDR for deflating anyone who is overweight and help them lose weight effectively.

And if you'd like to see how kids can do DDR, check out:


If you're looking for a fantastic way to get your overweight kids moving, definitely check out DDR!  It might be the answer for which you've been searching.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – looking for DDR?  Check out:

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