RANT – I Utterly HATE Doormat Children and Adults!

It's time for the annual/monthly/every blue moon time for a tremendous MamaBear Rant!  (oh, and the doormat you see on this post – it's from ). This time, allow MamaBear to sit back, down 27 cups of coffee and muse on one of the biggest plagues of modern civilization: Doormat children and adults! Hardly […]

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One Blindingly Simple Way To Help Instill Rock-Solid Self-Confidence In Your Kids

If there's one thing MamaBear learned from her hell of being bullied as a child, it's that inner self-confidence can bravely help fend off any feelings of ickness. 'course, she discovered *that* gem in her late 20s/early 30s, so go figure.  🙂 Be that as it may, when MamaBear decided that creating Magnificent Ling Cubs […]

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