One Blindingly Simple Way To Help Instill Rock-Solid Self-Confidence In Your Kids

If there's one thing MamaBear learned from her hell of being bullied as a child, it's that inner self-confidence can bravely help fend off any feelings of ickness.

'course, she discovered *that* gem in her late 20s/early 30s, so go figure.  🙂

Be that as it may, when MamaBear decided that creating Magnificent Ling Cubs were a Very Good Thing indeed, she made the following stoic promise to herself:

"Her cubs would *never* *ever* *ever* grow up feeling like they were….worthless."

Not that MamaBear's parents did that, mind you; it was the overall hell of being bullied that sapped any self-worth from her faster than emo Goth teenagers snap up black eyeliner at the local dollar store.

And here's the best way I've discovered to do that.



Okay, get some coffee or your favorite hot beverage, and let me know when you're comfortable and sitting down.



How about some humor to relax you?

(yep, that's one of my business videos.  🙂 )

Alrighty then!

One of the best ways to instill rock-solid self-confidence in your kids is to:

Always tell them (and I mean *always*) that you believe in them 140%.

Simple, isn't it?

And yet, how many times do we drop the ball in letting our kids know that rather obvious fact?

Knowing that someone they love believes in them; it's something that strikes deeply into their hearts and soul (in a good way!) and helps strengthen their own particular take on themselves.

I make sure to always emphasize this to my kids (especially HS1 and HS2, as they're the ones more prone to goofing up due to their age) whenever possible.  Even (or perhaps, especially?) when I'm coming down on them with consequences, I always close the agonizing experience with:

"Remember, no matter what, I will *always* believe in you 140%!  Yep, it sure is tough growing up, and right now you might think things are hopeless, but remember…always and forever, I will *always* believe in you."

Here's why I think this is effective.

Parenting really is a hero's journey…so is growing up.

When kids make mistakes every day or choose rather idjut choices, it's really tough for them to keep the faith, so to say, that things will improve.

But if mom or dad or a loved one in authority spells out how much they believe in them…then it *has* to be true, right?

Yep, what I said. 

Never underestimate how such a simple phrase like "I believe in you" can rock your child's world…in ways you never might have considered.

The benefits last a lifetime.

Parent well,


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