101 Things Kids Can Do This Summer For Free

Do your kids have a whole summer to fritter away?

If so, why on earth let them waste it by sitting around and being bored?

There's a whole heap of excellent activities you can have your children enjoy (and ideally prevent them from the dreaded whine of "What can I dooooooo?" that stalks you every moment of the day).

Start with:

But don't stop there!

Continue with my own personal guaranteed Boredom Busters like:

Idea #1.)  Hand them a broom and tell them to make the kitchen spotless.

You'd be surprised at how quickly they unbore-ize themselves….

Idea #2.)  Introduce them to the ironing board!

After they broom up the kitchen, what better way to celebrate than to indulge in:

Idea #3.)  Print them out fun fun fun Math Worksheets!

Because nothing says *Summertime Excitement* like a little bit of homework!

Idea #4.) Have them make a model of their favorite Video Game accessory.

Like, say, a Companion Cube.  Who found out the cake is *not* a lie.  (courtesy of HS1).

Idea #5.)  Dare I say it….Mentos!

And yes, this is part of Camp Ling too.  🙂

Remember, your kids *own* their boredom.

Not you.

But you can certainly offer them some ideas as well.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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