Tell Your Child


Tell Your Child Today…Horribly Stressful Anger

Sometimes, our kids choose to get angry. But because they're, well, kids, they don't realize that they're *choosing* to get this way. Heck, they probably think their friends *made* them angry, or you as their parent *caused* them to get mad or what have you. And that's totally understandable. But! They need to internalize that […]

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Tell Your Child Today – Lead by Example

Sometimes our kids find themselves part of a mob. Or possibly standing next to a group of other rabid vultures who are picking on someone. Facing down a crowd… It's scary, it *certainly* is that! But….it's also the *right* thing to do. Today, tell your child to lead by example. If they see someone is […]

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Tell Your Kids Today…Compassion

Sometimes your kids' friends just don't know how to ask for help. And sometimes, they might simply want an acknowledgement that Hey! Things *will* get better, someday. Today, tell your child to listen to what's *not* said when seeing a friend in need…and then perhaps offering a word or two of hope. It will better […]

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Tell Your Child Tody – Life’s not fair. Freakin’ deal with it.

Sometimes our kids….whine. And sometimes they say, but "Mooooooom, it's not faaaaaair!" My heart.  It bleeds. The thing is…life's *not* fair.  And we as adults have to deal with that…constantly. Which means, you do your child no favors at all if you try to shield them from this fact of life. Thus, today….tell your child […]

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Tell Your Child Today – Take *control*

Sometimes our kids feel most helpless indeed. And that makes sense, of course….they're only *kids*! Still, however….they *can* take control of things by the following plan. Take *ownership* of their actions…and *change* the game. Are they unhappy with how a friend has treated them? Have them bring it out in the open. Do they hate […]

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Blue starry heaven

Tell Your Child…Kindness

Some kids are rather horrible vultures, y'know? And other times….they are affected by their peers being mean to them as well. Today, tell your child – it costs them nothing to offer a kind word…but the results can dramatically lift the spirits of others. And that, of course, is a Very Good Thing indeed. Parent […]

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Tell Your Child Today – *This* is precious

Sometimes our kids take big huge bunches of things for granted. And sometimes our kids let their drama queen tendencies get out of control. And sometimes our kids hold onto mis-communications and misinterpreted intentions with both fists, 10 toes and an earlobe or two to boot. Tell your kids today – life is precious. And […]

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Tell Your Kids Today – They *Can* Solve It.

Sometimes it takes a heck of a lot of thunkin' to uncover the puzzle piece that answers the latest of your child's questions. That's life.  Man up, cupcake!  🙂 Tell your child today that yep, it really *is* frustrating when things require more effort than first thought. But when they solve the issue for themselves…they'll […]

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Tell Your Child Today…Feet Exist for a Reason

Got kids who keep on bellowing for you or their siblings to get them food? Introduce them to their feet.  Feet are their friends. The world won't run to satisfy their every needs…so they should internalize this at an early age.  🙂 Parent powerfully, — MamaBear

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Tell Your Child Today…Change.

Sometimes kids feel weak..and like they just cannot change anything at all. After all, they're just *kids*. So today…. Tell your children that indeed, they *can* make a difference. To note: If they give themselves permission to recognize the value they possess within them…they can change worlds. "Our deepest fear is not that we are […]

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