“How can I teach my kids about healthy eating?”

From the mailbag.

"Dear MamaBear,

I want my kids to learn how to eat right from an early age.

Tell me…how do I do that?


Darlene in Ft. Washington"

Dear DiFT,

Eating right is a very important thing indeed.

And here's one surefire way to contribute towards that.

Walk the walk you talk yourself.

Do you model healthy eating too?

Now, I'm not talking about going overboard and ensuring there's zero yummy things in the house, mind you, but I am talking about:

  • Showing moderation when eating
  • *Not* demolishing a bag of cookies in one sitting
  • Not rewarding yourself with food when good things happen
  • etc.etc.etc.

Your children will look to you as their role model.

So make sure it's a *good* role model!

Let them have desserts, but ensure they've already exercised during the day/otherwise kept in shape.

Some sites that might be helpful too include:

You're wise to start good habits early!  Kudos to you.

Thus speaks…MamaBear

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