“My kids are bored. Help!”

From the mailbag.

"Dear MamaBear,

My kids keep whining at me during the summer how bored they are!

I send them to camp, I got them bikes, they have their video games but they're still bored.

How can I help them?

Thanks a lot,

Fred in Bloomingville"

Dear FiB,

Don't you hate that?

Isn't it maddening when your kids try to foist ownership of *their* boredom on *you*?

MamaBear has a very simple solution for this:

If one of my kids comes to me and says, they're bored, I hand them a kitchen broom and point them in the direction of said kitchen.

Problem solved.

Never let your older kids depend upon you for entertainment; it's not the way the real world works, and quite frankly, it's not your responsibility.

Sure, you can float ideas about things to do, but after the 3rd suggestion, if they keep riding on the Whining Train, derail that sucker with household chores (and then make them do it).

Consequences, I love 'em.

Thus speaks…MamaBear

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