Week 2, Day 1 – Camp Ling! Academics start, Alegbra, Sprayground, more

Good morning!

Today begins Week 2 of Camp Ling, yay!

It started out grand, of course – got the clan up at 6am so we could do our morning jog like so.

Morning Jog

We jog and run the mooses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – Thursdays are morning beach days and Tuesdays, well, I let them sleep until 7am.  🙂

And onto today!

I really want to get HS1's chemistry thingee tied into the entire Camp Ling experience. 

Thing is, today I want to do this experiment:

Tip The Cup
Kneel down, then rest your bottom on your heels. Crouch down, arms together extending forward, palms touching each other, and put your elbows to your knees. Have a friend place a foam cup where your fingers reach. Now, put your arms behind your back, stay on your knees, but reach toward the cup with your nose and try to knock it over. If you are going to fall, CATCH YOURSELF WITH YOUR HANDS. Many (not all) girls can knock over the cup with ease, while many (not all) boys cannot.

Why It Happens
If your body's center of gravity (or, COG) extends too far over your knees when you lean forward, you will feel yourself tip over. If your body's COG stays behind your knees, even when leaning forward, you won't tip. Many (not all) girls have a COG lower in their body, toward their hips. Many (not all) boys have a COG higher in their body, toward their shoulders…MORE….

So somehow…I have to work in…chemistry….to the above.

The chemistry of balance?


I'll think on it.  After all, today is also trip to the Sprayground day, so, well….we'll see.


I'm printing out the beginnings of the Alegbra/creative math goodies, and having a period of creative writing too for HS1 and HS2, not to mention….every hour is pushup and pullup hour to boot!

What creative math goodies I hear?  Well, can you imagine anything *more* thrilling than learning how to beat the calculator mentally via math?  🙂  ie, squaring a 2 digit number beginning with 1.

And folks think my kids have no fun during the summer.  HAH!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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