Week 1, Day 3 – Camp Ling!

Camp Ling has gotten off to a rockin' start!!

Again, I'm holding off on academics until next week, so today/tomorrow is simply fitness, exercise and fun.

Got the kids up early today to run the mooses and (get this!) we benchmarked our pullup ability.

HD2 can do….2.

And that about says it all.  🙂

So!  I showed the kids how to do assisted pullups with a kitchen stool.  Thing is, HS1 and HS2 are just too darned short for that to work, so they used HD2 as support like so.


It should be 'way interesting to see how much we improve by the end of the summer!

Oh yes, and HD2 and I signed up for a 3 month gym membership (yay!) and spent this morning flinging the iron about (we both adore strength training). 

Later on today is:

  • Arts Crafts with modeling clay
  • Blogging
  • Maybe walking to the library?  Hmmm, maybe not – my ankles just couldn't take it today.
  • DDR!

So far, the summer is rocking indeed.  🙂

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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