RANT – Women ARE Part of Memorial Day Too, Dammit!

It's time for the sometimes weekly, sometimes daily, sometimes every few seconds…new exciting category of

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Ready?  I must caution you, however, MamaBear plans on using some mighty strong language like "Swell!" and "So's your old man!" in this post (points go to whomever can rattle off both the beloved song and the musical it embraces!  Oh heck, here it is in all of its shining glory:

It's at 3:47, btw.

But I digress!  🙂

Let us begin with:

If there's one thing MamaBear hates with a burning passion more fiery than HS1's sly attempts at causing nuclear fusion within the washing machine, it's….politicians.

You know what I mean, right?

The kinda peoples who has their own wondrous agenda and for whom fact-checking is something just plain silly?


At a Memorial Day observance yesterday, I was standing with some friends and listening to the glorious mayor of that sun-kissed town talk about Memorial Day.

He lost me immediately with a quote similar to:

"WWII vets…they're a dying breed."

And given that right beforehand, a WWII vet in his 80s had spoken about how lots of his buddyies *are* dying….wow.


But then came the part of the speech that centered upon the sacrifices of the men in the war.

Not the women, mind you.

No mention whatsoever of the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

To quote from that site:

…During World War II, a select group  of young women pilots became pioneers, heroes, and role models…They were the Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP, the first women in  history trained to fly  American military aircraft.  In memory of those we have lost and in honor of those we still cherish…MORE…

Not a damned bit of mention of:

…Women's roles in World War II – in the military, in support services, in factories back home, in concentration camps, and keeping the home fires burning….MORE…

Not a peep about Rosie the Riveter, nor the other millions of women who kept the American economy going while their men went off to the front lines.

The plain fact is…

Memorial day should *not* be just about  men (nor is it just about women either!)

Instead, Memorial Day should be all about the *American People* who supported the war effort, be it fighting on the front lines, ferrying the supplies across the Channel, healing the sick and wounded and more.

Not *solely* the men.

But to listen to that delightful politician, you'd think that the women were non-existent in the war effort.

So untrue…so very very *very* untrue.

To learn more about the role of women and World War II and the military etc., I've uncovered the following gems for you.

And don't forget about:

While listening to the delightful politician give his delightful speech, I decided to zone out (okay, that was a blatant lie as I was providing a running commentary on all the horrendous gaffs in the talk, including how the 'gangstas' got into power and ….).

No, instead…I made a mental note to rant at HD1 and explain what was blatantly ignored in this particular Memorial Day observance.

And her response was…

"Gee Mom, you should really blog about it!"

Hence this post.  🙂

What's your take?  And how do you handle it when your kids are exposed to blatant mis-representation?

Parent Powerfully,

— MamaBear

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