Week 2, Day 5 Camp Ling – Word problems, Easy day, more!


Wait a sec, MamaBear never says OMG.


We interrupt this posting for some common sense.

This morning at 12:01am saw MamaBear….at the movie theaters for the premiere of Harry Potter!

Which means….

  • MamaBear is about as alert and bouncy as a deflated Mylar balloon from the 1970s.

So I chose to let the kids sleep in (no moose running, wah!).

But in other news, Harry Potter 7.2 was truly a gem!  The only one better was the first (which I'll tell you, was simply replete with magic), followed by this one, followed by #3, followed by all the others.

To refresh your memory, enjoy:

But back to reality…

Camp Ling today will be extremely calm and quiet!

Yesterday we did head to the beach:


and all the critters had a wondrous time indeed.

Today, we're driving north to visit the family, plus indulging in goodies like:

Rebecca is doing research on lemurs. On Monday, she spent three and a third hours on the Internet looking for materials. On Tuesday, she browsed encyclopedias online for one and a half hours. On Wednesday, she made note cards and read a book about lemurs. She worked on the report for two and a third hours. Thursday she didn't feel well, but she still looked through some online journals for 44 minutes. Friday she didn't work at all. How many minutes of time did she spend on the Internet during the week?


Find the area of the quadrilateral whose vertices are
(-3, -10), (-5, -1), (2, -1), and (-1, 3)




y   +     1 x

and the 6 times table for HS2.

Creative-writing wise, all kids are either blogging or writing their fanfic…yay!

And of course, we're all exercising as well.

Can't wait for the weekend!

I think our next science experiment will be taken from:

Sure looks like fun, aye?

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

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