Smashing Entrepreneurial Posts – 8/22/11

As well as being Mama Bear, I'm also a well-seasoned online entrepreneur veteran of 14+ years!

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How to BOLDLY customize “Error Establishing a Database Connection” warning message

If you run WordPress for your site, chances are that every now and then, the following delightful message shows up. "Error Establishing a Database Connection!" Gosh, I hate that, don't you? Well, given that not everyone knows you can reload a page and possibly grab that connection back, *my* site says: Neat, eh?…

Gift Basket Affiliate Marketing

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Promise Yourself Today – Sexiness

Sometimes, our products are about as sexy to our customers as dried toenail fungus slathered on burnt toast. The thing is, though, we still want them to *buy*! Today, promise yourself that you'll take a long hard look at the benefits of what you're selling…

Ling Sad Law of Marketing #88 – Nothing is ever TOO obvious…

Sad but true, eh?..

Grade requirements of politicians



2011 08 22MPP019 GovTX Grade requirements of politicians

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

In Memory of Lincoln High (8/24/93 – 8/13/11)

Last Saturday, the world lost an angel and the afterlife gained a guardian angel.

Lincoln High, a fellow sword student, died in a freak accident when he lost his footing at Bushkill Falls and fell.

You can read more at:

Now, I didn't really know Lincoln very well, but his father was our sword Sensei for almost two years.  And during that time, the High family (Sensei High, Lincoln and Kat) touched the lives of my fellow students in ways that will stay with us forever.

I vividly remember the first time Sensei High scheduled beach training for us.  We all met at the Jersey Shore at around 4am and as the sun rose, we practiced our katas on the beach and eventually strode out into the ocean to continue our drills.

In a nutshell, it was freakin' awesome as you can see below:

Lincoln is on the right

Lincoln is on the right above.

Lincoln is on the left

Lincoln is on the left.

Alas, Sensei High and his family did move over a year ago, but the memories still linger.  And yes, while we have had beach training again on our own….it simply was not the same.

  • You can see the entire set of Lincoln dojo pix here.
  • And you can see the memorial page for Lincoln here.

Sensei High moved his family down to Maryland.  And last Sunday, we all found out about the tragedy that claimed Lincoln's life.

It's just plain…inconceivable.

On Friday, I bundled my family into the Moose Mobile and we drove down to Maryland for the 2-4 memorial….our fellow students came to the 6-8.  And the one thing I really noticed beyond any shadow of a doubt was:

Lincoln High touched the lives of thousands people…and all of these people were just plain "better" for knowing him.

In other words…

Lincoln did what was right.  Zany, friendly, and always willing to say "Hi!" to anyone, Lincoln exuded a warmth and love that was genuine beyond belief!  Honestly, you just don't get people like that who are willing to stand up say, "Hey!  This is me!  And I'm thrilled to be…me!"  He never let other people squash down his friendly nature…and the very way he chose to live his life….touched others in a beautifully positive way indeed.

  • Which brings me to one of the points of this post.

As I was sitting in the vast auditorium, watching the parade of Lincoln photos and seeing the never-ending line of people who were paying their respects, I realized:

You never do know when your time is up on this planet… 

And when you do die, your legacy should be the following.

You have *made a difference* in the lives of the people you have touched.

In other words…

  • Do you look out for your friends?
  • Do you look out for your friends of friends?
  • Do you make a stand against the crowd when the crowd is wrong?
  • Do you shed your ego in order to do the right thing?
  • Do you go the extra mile for the people you love?

Lincoln did that…..beyond all mortal comprehension.

I'll write more about this next week, mind you, but for now, all I'd like to say is:

"Rest in peace, Lincoln.  Your existence simply made the world a *better* place for thousands of people."

And after the memorial, here's what appeared over the church.

Lincoln High

Totally awesome beyond imagining.

On 8/24/11, there will be a memorial event at your local TGIFs (Lincoln had worked there).  You can learn more here – to wit:

Lincoln loves looking classy. So in his memory, I propose that wherever you are, get together with some friends on his birthday and dress up. Look your best. IF you do not have formal attire, it's not a problem. Come as you are or how you want to dress. Lincoln won't judge you by the way you dress… but you already know that.

And go to TGI Fridays, since that's where he worked and loved it so much.

Please invite as many people as you can ♥ Thank you all so much for everything.

NOTE: Whether in Kansas, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland or anywhere else, it does not matter. You don't have to come to the Fridays where he worked at here in Maryland. Any Fridays is fine. Just go to the one easiest for you. And you don't have to go at 6. You can go at any time during the day when Fridays is open. You can go by yourself or with a group of friends.

**Please tell the manager why you are there. And take photos to post on FB!**

And you can pick up a coupon for $5 off for a food purchase of $15 or more here.

TGIF coupon

In closing, the world lost a truly incredible person.  And then some.

Lincoln, my family and I have been privileged to know you – you are truly one awesome guy.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Entrepreneuring Posts of 8/17/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a seasoned entrepreneur of 14+ years!

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Handbag Tote Affiliate Marketing

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Why the HELL should I care about you in 2012?

Morning! It's August! And 2012 is only 4-odd months away! So let me now ask you the following critical question about your business in 2012. Can you tell me why people should care about you? Hmmmm? I mean, let's be serious.

Tell Yourself Today – CHANGE the game.

Sometimes we feel that no matter what we do…we'll never get a fair shake. Other times, it's pretty obvious that everyone *else* is holding all the cards. The thing is, though… We can *choose* to change the game. If you feel you're at a disadvantage…. Change Your Game

When You’re Clueless At Politics….


Management quality…indeed.  Click on the comic above to see it all!

Parent Powerfully,

— MamaBear

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Entrepreneurial Posts of 8/16/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a seasoned entrepreneur of 14+ years…

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HDTV Most Wished For Affiliate Marketing


Ever wonder what's the most wished-for HDTVs these days? See what says about HDTVs…and then scroll down to see how I was able to add my affiliate link to all of this goodness!   #1: Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-V32XBR2 32-Inch LCD HDTV Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:04 AM Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-V32XBR2 32-Inch LCD […]

Google Plus Tutorials…finding the best for 2012!


Are you on Google Plus? If not, you certainly should consider Google Plus for 2012 at the very least! After all, there's a good chance it could evolve into a Facebook killer…and of course, should that come to pass, you'll want to have all the skills/knowledge at your fingertips! Thus, enjoy these nifty Google Plus […]

SEO. Any questions?

Lost and Confused SignpostGot SEO questions? Actually, SEO isn't difficult at all – witness where my site is for high seo It just takes giving yourself permission to learn what's required. Grow strong, Barbara Ling

Tell yourself today – Proactiveness rules!


Sometimes our friends are waiting for us to reach out. Other times, our business requires us to be bold and make a dramatic, challenging leap! In either case, nothing will be done *unless* you proactively make the effort to cause change. Thus, tell yourself today that if you see a friend in need, you *will* […]

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about business, have you seen:

Meet The Lazy Parent’s New Best Friend – Plushies of Power!

Do your children have a favorite plushie?

Do they carry them about wherever they go?

Is it really driving you bananas?

If so, did you realize…you're missing the boat on one rather important aspect?

You can turn your kids' plushies into some pretty powerful guardian angels!

Here's how.

You see, it all started 2+ years ago when HS1 was tending towards the Dark Side (kinda sorta like a free-fall tank tends towards the ground)

How I solved that issue…that's the story for another epic novel!  But the end result was this – I helped HS1 identify his favorite animal…and that evening, I bought him a plushie of one off of eBay.  And when it came, I told him,

"HS1, this plushie represents to you your guardian angel.  So whenever you feel like you're moving towards the Dark Side, you can hold him to your heart and cuddle him and think about it, while you're getting Mom.

I promise you, your guardian angel *will* speak to you from your heart."

That was, what, 2+ years ago?

And HS1 (plus HS2) still carries his guardian angels with him to this day (case in point – during his birthday a few weeks ago, all of the guardian angel plushies were by his side).


It's easy enough to tell your children how to behave, and easy enough to give rules and regulations.

But when your kids feel like the world is coming down upon them, having a guardian angel plushie gives them something to hug while they regroup and face the challenges in front of them.

So….if your child needs extra comfort for when times get tough, get them a guardian angel.

It should really help them focus and get a grip.

And you know…kids aren't the only one to adore plushies too.

Meet Thor.

not to mention…

Mama and Papa Bear

Mama Papa Bear

They're the ones who stand by me…when the going gets rough.

They rock!  :)

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking of plushies, have you seen:

Today’s Entrepreneuring Posts – 08/15/2011

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a veteran entrepreneur (of 14+ years!).

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Coffee Maker Affiliate Marketing


Wonder what's the bestselling coffee makers these days? Wonder no more!  And scroll down to the end to see how I was able to grab all these great goodies with my own affiliate ID embedded!

The EASIEST Sure-Fire Way To Empower Yourself To Infinity and Beyond

empowerQuick! Sit very quiet and answer me the following very important question. Ready? Alrighty, it's…this. "Are you a big fat jerk?" Hmmm? Oh wait…I didn't give you my current criteria for jerkiness! Let me share with you that….

Why Witnesses Refuse To Talk

So reminds me of corporate politics…


Sometimes we put off stuff that's difficult.

It could be that we're afraid to rock the boat.

Or maybe that we don't yet have the courage to tackle a new business venture.

Or even that we're just unsure of how we'll be received….


Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about businesses and stuff, have you seen:


The BEST Kind of MamaBear Birthdays!

Sometimes I love birthdays, aye?

This past weesaw the birdieDay of HS1 and meself!

And it was truly grand: the highlights included:

Sir HS1!

Sir HS1!

A vest HD2 embroidered for me that says…Mom 2011 <3


Half a Black Belt Shark Tooth! (we had had torrential rains, and I figured it would be great fun to splash the kids all over the place)

Shark Tooth!

But you know what the best part of me birdieDay was?

The fact that everything (as in, *everything*!) was from the *heart*.


The husband cooked me my favorite meal (lobbysters!), and each kid made something for my gift.

It was really great!

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Prior to my BirdieDay, my kids asked me,

"Mom, what would you like?"

And I was able to communicate that anything, from the heart, would be *perfect*.

  • No missed expectations
  • No "But Mom, I had no idea!"


It rocks!  :)

After the lobbyster, I told my kids I'd be going on shut-down, and spent the rest of the afternoon reading, relaxing and all around having a most spiffy day indeed.

So if you're going to have a birdieDay sometime in the future, and you want to ensure it goes as smooth as it possibly can…..

Be proactive and *tell* your children what you expect.

It will help make the day grand!

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about Medieval Times, have you seen:

Tell Your Child Today – *This* is precious

Sometimes our kids take big huge bunches of things for granted.

And sometimes our kids let their drama queen tendencies get out of control.

And sometimes our kids hold onto mis-communications and misinterpreted intentions with both fists, 10 toes and an earlobe or two to boot.

Tell your kids today – life is precious.

And they're not invincible.

Death can strike them at a moment's notice….or their friends.

If they're hurting because of what friends say/do, or if they're mad because of what friends *did*, there's a possibility that miscommunications might play a huge part in their sad feelings.

But we've all failed mind-reading 101….so only talking things out will compel friends to understand.

So…encourage your children to remember how precious their lives are…and to mend bridges today.

You never know if tomorrow might be too late.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Entrepreneurial Posts for 8/12/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a veteran entrepreneur of 14+ years!

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Treadmill Affiliate Marketing


Want to know the most popular treadmills selling today on Amazon If so, check this out….and then look below to learn how you can add such things to your site as well! The most popular items in Treadmills Note: Product prices and availability were accurate at the time this feed was generated but are subject […]

How To Choose A ROCKIN’ Domain Name for 2012


All during this past week, I've blogged about thingees to consider for 2012. And the last two days focused upon domain names! Now, I know it's been said that all the nifty spiffy coolio names are already taken, but that truly is not the case whatsoever. Guaranteed – take any topic today, and you can […]

Smart Marketers…

Make the benefits of their products obvious.


With every minute filled to the brim, it's sometimes difficult to carve out the time needed to learn one new technique that will simply your future business….



ps – speaking about entrepreneuring, have you seen: