Tell Your Child Today – Responsibility

Sometimes…our kids borrow our stuff.

And sometimes, they pretend it would be the most awesome fun imaginable if they dismantled it into bits even a microbe couldn't find.

And no, I'm not talking about my TV remote that I now have to piece together, why do you ask?  :)

Thus today, emphasize to your children that if they borrow anything from you, they're expected to return it in the same brand-spankin' new condition they found it.

Your grey hairs will thank you for it.  Sigh…..  :)

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about remotes, have you seen:

Tell Your Child Today – Breathing. It’s a Zen Good Thing!

Sometimes our children get mad.

Really mad.

Sooo mad….their words start to tumble after one another and they become more and more frantic.

Not good!

The plain fact is…sh*t happens.

And screaming about it isn't going to do a darned thing to change things.

So today, tell your kid to simply….breathe.

  • Take a step back, take a chill pill….and then reconsider how to approach the current situation.

Almost guaranteed…the ideas that come from the next few minutes will make their lives far far easier, indeed.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about zen, have you seen:

Today’s Fascinating Entrepreneurial Posts – 09/02/11

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Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

Tell Your Child Today – Calmness

Sometimes, our children are as calm and cool and collected as a 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

And that sure makes them then even more careless with their followup!

Freaking out about school starting and the like certainly is understandable…but not desirable at all.

Thus today, tell your kids that panicking will not result in anything being fixed….calm reactions, however, *will*.

Your sanity will thank you for it.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about calmness, have you seen:


How MMORPGs Can Make Family Life Perfect Together

Have you ever heard of video games?

Or computer games?

Better yet, do your kids go bananas over playing games like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft, Warcraft and others?

Heh, if so….you'll love this post!

You see, it all started when HS1 and HS2 decided to play Minecraft.

Ummm, it's kinda sorta a game where you, um, mine stuff.  Yeah!  That's the ticket!

To quote Wiki:

…The game is focused on creativity and building, allowing players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. The game has two variants – free Classic and paid Beta – where Classic is focused entirely on construction with unlimited material supply, whereas Beta requires players to acquire resources themselves, and contains mobs, player health, and additional features and items. The gameplay is heavily inspired by Infiniminer by Zachtronics Industries,[6] Dwarf Fortress by Bay 12 Games and Dungeon Keeper by Bullfrog Productions.[7][8] …MORE…

That by itself is boring…here's what utterly magnificent!

Yesterday, HS1 and HS2 had a disagreement which was resolved…but still took a toll on them.

And then HS1 had the brilliant idea of:

"Hey!  We can both play Minecraft together and work as a team and get rid of our icky feelings!"

Pardon me as I gently exclaim


Think about this for a moment, aye?

Two siblings consciously choose to work out their angst via a MMORPG.

Is that the most awesomely incredible thing you've heard today?

Here they are in all their Minecraft glory:


You can see HS1 suggesting to HS2 their next plan of action. 

I don't know about you, but I never ever *ever* thought of online video games as a way for siblings to work issues out…together.

The amount of character-building I've been experiencing now for the past few days – it will definitely last me years and years, but wow.

It's ever so much worth while!!

Thus, if you have more than one child at home, and if they have similar interests….see if they can become a team at an online game.

You might find it will be a sanity-saver when issues might arise.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking about MMORPs, have you seen:

Tell Your Child Today – Fan Fic!

Sometimes our kids *really* get into online games like Starcraft, Team Fortress 2, and the like.

And other times, that's all that their lives consist of.

But were you aware of the entire universe of fanfiction that's available regarding it?

Fan fiction requires (get this!) *reading*. 

And because it's about their interests….chances are, they'll be quite willing to at least take a gander at it.

But you now something?

  • Some of that fanfic can make your kids *cry*.
  • And some of that fanfic can make your kids *think*.

In other words, it provides your children with points of view….they might never have considered before.

Thus, today, tell your child to explore the quality fanfic that's online regarding their games.

Then ask them to share the most soul-searing of them with you….and read it for yourself.

HD1 did that for me yesterday, and I'm still reeling.  A totally awesome experience….it was.

Parent powerfully,

— MamaBear

ps – speaking of fan fiction, have you seen: