Ultimate School Dedication

Kinda like the Pony Express…. Parent powerfully, — MamaBear ps – speaking about the first day of school, have you seen:

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Who Speaks To Politicians?

Seen that enough…. Click on the comic above to see it all! Parent powerfully, — MamaBear

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Today’s Ingenious Entrepreneuring Posts! 08/29/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a well-seasoned entrepreneur/life coach since 1997! Enjoy my business and personal growth posts here. Announcing The Hero Within You Over the past decade, I've written tons and tons about personal growth and goodies like that. I've also made no secret about my patheticness as a child…and how I […]

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“How can I get my kids to help around the house?”

From the mailbag: "Dear MamaBear, My kids simply refuse to do their chores. What can I do to get this fixed? Sincerely, Darryl" Dear D, Argh. MamaBear hates questions like this. It's very simple. See, being a part of your family is a privilege and has its responsibilities. And part of those responsibilities is helping […]

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3 Ways To Hack Your Parenting Skills Into Sheer Awesomeness

Ah, parenting. The delightful activity in which we all indulge! Wouldn't it be great if you could just add water and happily drink up techniques that would propel your parenting experience into the stratosphere and beyond? Wait no more!  Indulge in: Technique #1.)  Listen *first* before erupting into a seething, boiling plasmatic fury. Imagine the […]

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Instant Family!

'Course, I always that's how I got HD1 and HD2 at the same time….they were having a big sale!  🙂 Parent powerfully, — MamaBear Speaking of big families, have you seen:

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Tell Your Child Today – Shun Stupidity

Sometimes our kids give too much of themselves to others. And sometimes our kids lack the maturity to realize when it's simply not appreciated…and to just…*stop*. Thus, today, tell your children to give of themselves *wisely*. Explain to them that their friendship is a *gift* and *they* themselves are a gift to their friends. If […]

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The Biggest Monitor

It rocks! Click on the comic above to see it all!

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Hurricane Irene Prep

Brief, pithy and to the point: With Hurricane Irene heading up to us, lots of good wishes to all for surviving the impeding storm well! Here are resources for that: National Hurricane Center What Do You Need to Survive Hurricane Irene? Check Your iPhone I <3 NYC May you and yours all be well! Parent […]

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What Would Lincoln Do? A Celebration of a Life Cut Off Too Soon….

Life is precious…and sometimes it's gone 'way too soon. On 8/13/11, I had written the following memorial post: In Memory of Lincoln High (8/24/93 – 8/13/11) Briefly, Lincoln High was a 17 year old fellow sword student who died in a freak accident in the Poconos.  You can read more about it this tragedy at: […]

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