Victorian Sharks!

All it needs is Atlantic City…. Click on the comic above to see it all!

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Deflating Children

Are your children overweight? If so, just what are you doing about it? Here's what I'm doing about it! Luckily, my kids aren't vastly overweight, or even really overweight at all.  HS2, however, did inherit my metabolism…the one that causes me to easily gain unless I either exercise, eat healthy, or both. Recently, I've noticed […]

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1 Blindingly Simple Way Your Child Can Selfishly Waste The Future

I have to admit, I truly love my guardian angel sometimes….because the most brilliant lessons are gleaned from the utterly horrible experiences through which I go.  With that as a spine-tinglingly enticing way to start today's post, let me explain. As I had mentioned yesterday, I happily failed more spectacularly than the blazing sons of […]

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Tell Your Child – An Awe-Inspiring Head

Sometimes, our kids just don't plain….*think*. And sometimes, they look to others to solve their own issues. It's normal, I suppose….kids, not having adult responsibilities, tend to look for the moment instead of the long term goals. Thus, today….tell your child that there's a reason for that large roundish object that sits on top of […]

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Can’t wait for Back To School?

Here's a truckload of patience now! Parent powerfully, — MamaBear

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Hell Weather

Must have been a cousin of Hurricane Irene… Click on the comic above to see it all!

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Today’s Imposing Marketing Posts 08/30/11

As well as being MamaBear, I'm also a veteran Internet marketer for the past 14 years! Enjoy my marketing posts of today. Bestselling Black & Decker Food Processors Affiliate Marketing Sales Ever wonder what are the bestselling Black and Decker Food processors? And ever want to make money from that? Wonder no more!  Below, enjoy […]

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“Teen Texting and Teen Driving”

From the mailbag: "Dear MamaBear, My teen will soon be driving.  Can you give me some tips on how to make sure she never makes the mistake of texting and driving? Thanks a lot, Jen" Dear J, Can I ever. There are two videos I always recommend to my readers: Make no mistake about it… […]

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RANT – 5 Methodical Ways To Horrifyingly Obliterate Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Self-confidence. It rocks. Unless, of course, you possess less of it than the inoperative tear-duct of a microscopic dwarf ant, that is. If so, ever wonder just from where your lack of self-confidence arose? Yep….chances are, it has a huge heapin' amount to do with your upbringing. And now that *you're* a parent, you probably […]

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Tell Your Child Today – Tone It Down

Sometimes our kids can get…. a wee bit….too intense. 'course, the challenge is, *they* don't recognize that; to them, they're just being normal. But to their peers, they're viewed as *abnormal*. Just sayin' . Now, while I'm all for being unique and standing out from the crowd and all that jazz, quite often unless your […]

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