“Help! My son hates wearing underwear”

From the mailbag:

"Dear MamaBear,

My 7 year old son hates wearing underwear and unless I check, he'll go to school and camp without it.

Needless to say, that's icky and not acceptable.

How can I fix this?



Dear P,


Hygiene…it's a Very Good Thing indeed.

But when your kid shuns it, it sure does cause some fragrant problems!  🙂

Here's what I'd do.

First, verify the underwear isn't chaffing or too tight or has hidden pins/etc.  Perhaps there really is a comfort issue (maybe kinda sorta?).

But if not, tie some consequences to not wearing underwear…and positive rewards *to* wearing underwear.

For example, tell your son that each day you check and his underwear is on before he goes to school/camp, he'll earn one point/sticker.  7 points/stickers (ie, a week), and he gets a bonus cookie or dessert on Friday.

But if you check and there is simply a bare behind, he gets additional chores, he loses playdate privileges because other kids shouldn't have to smell him, etc.etc.etc.

It could simply be that your son is lazy when dressing (HS2 certainly is!).  Be that as it may, being clean/decent is something you have every right to expect.

So spell out your expectations and then stick to your guns regarding consequences and rewards!

It can only help him achieve his goals.

Thus speaks…MamaBear

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